Comment: $250,000 is a very fair asking price.

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$250,000 is a very fair asking price.

$250,000 is a rather low asking price, actually, so it is a fair asking price. And, I say this, because the owners of own the contract on that domain until 2020.


If they make $97.84 per day, for 7 years, that amounts to $250,000.

Right now, with very little traffic, the domain is making $100+ per day:

Who here would bet $250,000 is an impossible target to hit? You know, damn well, in Ron Paul's hands, it would be worth much more than that. If Ron Paul owned it and put more unique/original products on it, it would be worth way more than $250,000.

Ron Paul [the name], it will be a very popular name for years to come, especially if Ron Paul runs again and wins, as I hope he does. Who here actually believes it's wrong/foolish to make money on such a long term investment?

People sold shirts, banners, buttons, cards, gold/silver/copper coins with Ron Paul's name and face on them, and all kinds of other things with Ron Paul's name/face plastered on them -- should all of those people be forced to turn their stuff over to Ron Paul due to the fact *stuff* may be worth money someday? Nobody should be allowed to cash-in on their savvy or their collectibles?

I hope people don't feel that way, because Ron Paul has been fighting against *controlled markets* throughout his entire career. Using the government to steal -- it's the exact opposite of everything Ron Paul has stood for.