Comment: Fair for the Ma and Pa & Corp.?

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Fair for the Ma and Pa & Corp.?

People tend to think of the landlord as an elite type sticking it to the underprivileged poor renter.
Large Corporations running rental property could be just that. There's a lot of property out there being rented out by a family who count on that rent for their food. They have bills that have to be paid and more often then not, a mortgage. In many states it takes an act of congress to get dead beats out. That's unfair. If the owner doesn't pay the mortgage, they'll lose their home.

Hey Bob-45, love reading your posts!
Don't know what the problem was in your case but it wasn't non payment of rent I presume. You have a lease so if you didn't break it by not paying, there should be a method to clear up your situation. If whatever was said about you was untrue you can sue as far as the Corp. breaking the lease can't you? Don't have to physically enter an office to do it. Often, just a letter from a lawyer stating the facts will do it. If you don't have a lawyer, there's a phone line for free legal advice. Don't know what was said that would tick the Corp off to that degree. No pets allowed and they said you had a pet elephant?

Guess whatever law is equitable. Keep in mind there are people depending on the rent as income so it's not fair to have the renters remain for any unnecessary length of time not paying their rent..