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Couple things

I really don't like it when PEOPLE try to emphasis WORDS by caps locking the words. It is really pointless TO me.

Also, yes I am aware that other murders happen.

I was a wee bit disturbed by your comment though when you said "worry about the children already living."
These kids were alive and then were killed and you don't seem to understand that very simple concept.

And this man isn't a one trick pony. I have many topics that I am frustrated about it just so happens that today it is people that are atheist usually tend to be liberal and pro-killing of children before they are vaginal born...or at least from what I have seen (happy now jerkoff who I responded to above that got all butt-hurt? Lol) I do my part in telling people how Obama has bombed 6 countries but really? No one wants to hear it or cares. They think Libya; meh. Must be a good reason. Whatever, did you watch sports last night?