Comment: "Bad Faith" is the key.

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"Bad Faith" is the key.

The ICANN rules are clear and there is legal precedent. I squat on choice domains often, but I never pretend to be the entity that would own that domain or offer it for sale. I once bought to criticize unethical journalists. When the media contacted me I told them I owned "Ninar," a word I made up. I never represented my site as Nina's and didn't use it for profit. I just pointed out her dirty deeds and rubbed it in her face that a media figure didn't own her own name. When she got pregnant I gave it to her as a gift. She now, ironically, runs a social media marketing consultancy through it.
Ron screwed up and lost control of his brand, but all he owes the current owner is whatever they paid to register it. If some lesser known Ron Paul owned it for his personal blog, our Ron wouldn't have a leg to stand on. They clearly acted in bad faith and there really is no other interpretation of the letters r-o-n-p-a-u-l unless your name is Rolanda and your boyfriend is named Paul and you can prove it. I wish I woulda gotten ahold of Superb back in the day.
These boys played a game of poker and over bet. They could've worked out a deal that would've gotten them a decent check, but they stayed too long with no cards. They made their money off of Ron's name, they get no more. Too bad.