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Comment: It's a very fair question and I understand your concern.

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It's a very fair question and I understand your concern.

Maybe this will help.

Of course, your insurance company is supposed to cover this - not the government.

But maybe they're not - or maybe you had no insurance so...

I presume you've paid federal income taxes, Socialist Security, Medicare etc all your life.

These are all immoral and unconstitutional theft of the fruits of your labors - your very lifeblood itself is taken from you.

Now CONSIDER the billions upon billions of our tax dollars our government earmarks to GIVE AWAY to foreign nations each and every year. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS.

THAT is as IMMORAL as it gets.

Just consider it is just getting back some of what they've stolen from you.

NOW HERE is the kicker...

The only way this country will ever learn that socialism fails is to PILE ON and help it fail.

EVERYBODY just stop fighting it the way we were and fight it another way - TAKE EVERYTHING THEY OFFER SUCH AS:

Federal grant money to repair your home,
Federal grant money for education,
FEMA money,
Socialist Security,
Federal unemployment (not paid for like state unemployment is),
Food stamps,
Socialist Security disability,
Federal student loans,
Federal business loans,
Federal home loans (Fanny Mae - Freddie Mac),
Earned income tax credits,
National Endowment for the Arts money,
and any other federal progrmas being offered.

Look at it this way...We TRIED
We tried with all our hearts, souls and wallets to get an honest and moral men elected.

We would never have asked the government for anything if only they would have LEFT US ALONE.

But they have bastardized our Constitution and turned America into a dependent, socialist, welfare/warfare state.

And try as we might, we were called nuts, kooks, idiots, Paultards, uncaring nutjobs, uncompassionate, selfish people.

So let's play their game and "LET IT BURN."

In the meantime, brace yourself for the eventual, inevitable fall.

Purchase and save some precious metals - the more the better, and position yourself to withstand the collapse when it happens.

You are not a hypocrite if you appraoach it this way.

I hope this helps.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul