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One of the first things that struck me about Dr Paul was that he said the role of government was to protect liberty. I'd already been well acquainted with the socialist view that the role of government should be to provide for it's citizens and blah blah blah. I saw this ideology failing the same type of people that were pleading for more of it. It's a system of buying votes with other people's money. But, was capitalism better? Both just seam to be preambles to communism and corporatism. It had me convinced that the only virtuous role of government would be to just displace a worst form of government. But Dr. Paul's summation really struck me. It was such a clear, concise and self consistent principle. Protect liberty, that's it. If I had one opportunity to thank Dr.Paul it would be for these words. They demuddled a bunch of thoughts that I hadn't yet been able to articulate so concisely. It was like stumbling onto a physics formula that perfectly defined some natural phenomenon. I'm convinced that protecting liberty is the only appropriate role of government. In contrast to a lot of people, I don't see any befits to having either capitalism or socialism embedded in government at all. I don't like this left/right dichotomy crap. They have their virtues in society, but not in the hands of the state. They must be voluntary engagements of free people.