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Comment: Their philosophy is

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Their philosophy is

Their philosophy is completely backwards. Anyone who has read history regarding the founding of the Constitution can easily ascertain the Founders never intended the Federal government to dictate to State and Local governments. I mention this for the ACLU's constant suing of courthouses and schools and firehouses for posting the 10 Commandments or for praying. James Madison brought up 3 separate times a provision that gave the Federal Government this exact power, to nullify State Law, and 3 times it was defeated in the ratifying convention. The intent of the 1st amendment was so the Federal government could not keep anyone from practicing religion and so they could not impose a national religion.

The ACLU has perverted their original intent. If a local school or a local courthouse wants to post the 10 commandments, it is none of the Federal Government's business. That is my main problem with the ACLU.