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Critical thinking

Critical thinking skills are critical to understanding the world and best taking advantage of situations.

I like your description of why people are waking up. It is similar to my weeks-ago post stating that perhaps, banking will end up being the savior of the human race -- because by taking 90% of our productivity, we've been forced to increase technology, and now we can get off the planet before the sun expands to Earth's orbit. Similarly, if they hadn't taken so much that us educated had some time (myself a few months last summer -- you nailed it) to filter and learn the truth, they wouldn't have such a problem on their hands.

So on the one hand they're potentially our saviors; and at the same time, they create their own downfall.

It amazes me just how deep the rabbit holes go. You mentioned hurdles; it is difficult for me because there is so much backstory to know before one can incorporate the next bit. So talking to people at work about the LAPD cop who is shooting other cops, and they start talking gun control, well there's a whole history behind the second amendment and that it's not granting us rights, it's saying the government cannot touch our natural rights; natural rights that everyone has, not just Americans. Anyway the other day someone was gently poking fun at me, saying I had "drunk the kool-aid", and I told them that nobody at Jonestown actually drank kool-aid, that it was a CIA mass murder. He at least agreed to look it up, but yeah, the rabbit holes go so deep it's amazing we can see sunshine far above.

And sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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