Comment: I, too, find the ACLU very hypocritical

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I, too, find the ACLU very hypocritical

although occasionally I do sign some of their petitions, agreeing with them, my experience years ago was not good. The school I went to in a rural area of NH, after I was grown up, was sued by the ACLU. It was their tradition at graduation to let the Gideon Bible Society to hand the graduates Bibles, although none were required to take it. They could just walk by and not take it. Well one year some Pakistani students (two) went to the ACLU to put a stop to the tradition, despite the fact that all of the other students wanted to keep it. The ACLU won the case, although they didn't win any hearts in those many towns that had children in that school.
Another one, in Virginia, an elementary school child wanted to do her book report on the Bible, and someone with a child in the class didn't like it. Called the ACLU and they went after the school to not allow a student do this. Fortunately a Constitutional lawyer, John Whitehead, took the girl's case, and won.