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Should he have Daily Paul too?

I'm between two stools on this. dot com is where people tend to go for main sites. If Dr Paul wants a web presence & people want to visit HIS official site then ithe name should make it relatively easy for him to reach them and for them to reach him.
However, those behind are not cyber-squatting, putting up doctored images looking for a pay-off. Everything on the site is about Dr Paul and his philosophy. The title is not misleading. They have made an investment into the site. If they are forced to hand it over they will be denied any return on their investment. They will be denied the fruits of their labour.
Perhaps Dr Paul should accept the dot org along with a commitment to put a disclaimer on the dot com site along with a prominent link to his personal site.
When you go to the Montreal Alouettes website you're asked to choose the French or English language edition. Perhaps the site should ask visitors to choose the 'fan site' or 'personal site'.

If the principle is established that you have ownership of websites whose names refer to you, the daily Paul could be next.

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