Comment: I completely agree with you PAF.

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I completely agree with you PAF.

I am so disappointed with DPers on their blind support of Rand.

As you stated, Ron courageously worked indefatigably for decades not compromising his principles in Washington. This is such an amazing feat. It is hard to explain how amazing that is. And it finally paid off for him. Ron's last few years spreading the message was incredible, but what makes Ron such an American hero is not the last five years, it is the 25 years that he worked, all by himself, combating the lure of power. He never compromised his principles in all those years.

So in walks Rand, he only got elected because his last name is Paul. It was very obvious that he has not done his homework like his dad before the election. He did not know the difference between a debt and a deficit, let alone knowing the minute details of the Austrian school. He was at least humble at first though. But within two years he has compromised nearly every principle. He let the power corrupt him. Which is normal. It takes a very very special person to not fall into it. But, dear lord, why can't the DPers see it? They are blinded by our success so far. They just want that POTUS position so bad that they will settle for anyone with the last name Paul. I know it is hard to except that Ron has retired but, good lord, this is insanity. Nearly everyday we see Rand succumbing to the power. He now is advocating preemptive war with Israel's enemies. He is not even comparable to Jim Demint anymore. He could have taken the torch that it took his dad 30 years to make glow so brightly and really been a hero. He could have taken those thirty pure years and made them forty. Then we would have won. The entire world would have won. But no, he has already squandered that opportunity. He squandered it because, as he puts it, "I like the ring of hearing President Paul". He really believes that he is ready to be POTUS after a couple of years in the Senate. Not even Obama was that cocky. He just had and elite group tell him he was it and that was that. Rand does not have people pushing him, we all know. He is an outsider. But for some reason he doesn't know that.

But that is what power does to most people. It makes them bigger than life. It makes them corrupt and mad.

Let the down-voting commence.