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No agreement here

I think it ought to be understood by every Friend of Liberty that the Central Bank (Legal Crime) tool is not a problem, it is a solution.

I think that there are Counter-Revolutionary Forces working in the brains of all the people who would otherwise be a combined, collective, mutually beneficial, productive, and not a destructive POWER that nullifies any criminal behavior especially criminal behavior done under the color of law.

The Central Bank, so called, can be anything volunteers want it to be, but as soon as the volunteers volunteer to use POWER in the bank, or the POWER not yet in the Bank, to injure innocent people by resort to deception, threats, and violence, then that tool, full of Gold, or full of lies, is crime, with or without a shinny badge, or a False Constitution.

Unfortunately for US, these Untied States, filled with dupes who have allowed Counter-Revolutionary Forces into their brains, in the form of Liars calling themselves Federalists, and then any other name that accomplishes the same task, We The People constitute the land of the DUPES.

We can actually be led to believe that a gun did it.

We can actually be led to believe that a government did it.

We can actually be led to believe that a fiat did it.

We can actually be led to believe that it is too much work to go to Jury Duty.

We can actually be led to believe that involuntary associations, written on paper, are our laws in our land.

Those are all thoughts that were not thoughts owned by the people who constituted Revolution in this Land.

In a phrase, in English: The Spirit of Liberty.

This topic stood out on this morning to me, but I think I need to get this present line of thinking moved to my own topic.

Meanwhile, branching off slightly, from the Counter-Revolutionary Topic, and back onto this Central Banking Topic it may well be a good idea to stop thinking in terms of THINGS being held responsible for the actions of people.

When a group of volunteers are beset, and momentarily broke, do they succumb to external forces whereby the external forces aim to enslave the volunteers by any means necessary including torture and murder that they intend to make legal: because they do it, and because they love it?

No, so a Central Bank TOOL has a legitimate, voluntary, productive, Liberating, use, in cases of dire emergency.

If the volunteers have to bet the farm, going all in, it is because failing to do so, or do so and failing, is the same result, no more farm for you.