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Who has blind support for Rand?

I've been accused of having blind support for Rand, so (((((((ducky))))) I believe that gives me permission to respond.

Unlike many in congress, Ron Paul is not an attorney. He saw himself a messanger and busied himself with business ventures that interested him. For decades, the majority of Americans had no clue who he was. When he ran for president in 1988 under the LP banner, there was tons of resentment within the party, he had been a Republican and Russle Means was the LP people's choice because RP was pro-life, and the LP is pro-choice.

It is Ron Paul's past 5 years of working to get his message heard through the GOP presidential elections that gave him a fan club. It's not that he does not have an impressive history, it's that that history is his, and not shared with millions of adoring fans globally as it is now.

Rand has been groomed and vetted for politics since he was born. He didn't just walk in. He worked on his father's campaigns, networked and studied politics.

How do you materialize a message? How do we get from being messangers to materializers? Why was Ron Paul remaining in the GOP when clearly his support was not from the GOP?

I do not see Rand "succumbing" to power. I see Rand as brilliant, and I am learning a great deal from him. For example, when Rand said that, "the USA needs to employ diplomacy and trade first, and then ALL options are on the table." People here say.. "Well, he's for pre-emptive war." What these people seem to not understand is by using diplomacy first, pre-emptive war is eliminated. Pre-emptive war is refusing to use diplomacy. So saying all options are on the table after diplomacy.. it does not include pre-emptive war by design.

What is the point of having a message you have no way to materialize?

Rand is teaching us HOW to materialize Ron Paul's message within the GOP, a corrupt Party that as Ron Paul said, "Has lost it's way" (but he remained within).

Those who HATE the GOP, HATE Rand. The Neocons hate Rand because they know he is eliminating Bush doctorine/ pre-emptive war. The rest of the GOP like Rand because he is educating them by standing for conservative values they appreciate. Those who are under the influence of MSM, HATE the GOP, HATE Rand because he is GOP. They don't even want to understand or learn from Rand because he is hurting their own interests.. The Libertarian Party, for example, who hoped to ride on Ron Paul's coat tails, HATE Rand Paul. They want the liberty movement aligned with the LABLE "Libertarian", because they profit off that lable. Rand is reducing them back to the "marijuana party".

So to me, those who HATE Rand, are not learning. They have decided that they are the new messangers not the materializers. They will educate the public. That's swell.

Rand is materializing the message, working within the establishment. This is fantastic. I'm preparing to go to my State GOP convention.. I am a delegate, so I'm getting tons of emails from those who are running for offices.. The message of Liberty is prevailing.. I'm reading candidates tell me about how we need to restore the republic, return to conservative values, audit the state's part in the federal reserve.. it's a fight.. Karl Rove is going to give a speach promoting his new PAC designed to "keep the incumbants". So to say that those of us who joined the GOP to become delegates for Ron Paul and now have seats with voting power we intend to use to out the likes of Rove. What a huge insult.

Ron Paul gave us a message that materialized into a foundation for us to politically build on IN THE GOP. Some in the liberty movement want to replace one form of corruption and force with their own in the name of liberty. I'm completely opposed to this. Rand is teaching us how to use diplomacy with integrity and he's up against some of the meanest most ruthless men alive, and that includes those who LOVE his father's message, but have NO intention in materializing it.

With friends like that.. who needs Rove, eh? PAF is doing a better job than Rove because it's an inside job. You join PAF?

I still LOVE you both, though I believe time is going to proove me and Rand the good guys.