Comment: Geez...I read the whole thing.

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Geez...I read the whole thing.

I enjoyed his expose of the LAPD and its vile corruption and I'm quite positive this is EXACTLY how it is in MANY police departments throughout the country.

I caught myself thinking, "this is how it will "go down" when true Americans have had enough". Like Gerald Celente said, "when someone loses everything they have nothing to lose".

I disagree 100% with his hero worship of obombya and the "us government".
I disagree 100% with his hero worship of main street media and find it ironic that they seek his destruction as much as the LAPD if nothing more than to add to their ratings. But, also, because they, too, are corrupt.
The feinstein BS was just TOO much to take. I found it unbelievable at that point...thinking that something was just NOT right.

Above all else, though, (assuming this guy is real) I think his character was destroyed because he had a sense of truth in justice and the American way that was NOT held by those who employed him and with whom he worked.

I can see how he snapped. We disagree on a LOT of personal issues and beliefs but that is the American way.

I believe this is another page being turned in the war to bring America back to justice.

Everyone KNOWS that police forces are corrupt and the "thin blue line" is also a deadly border.

If more police people had the courage to stand up and do what is right then things would not ever have to progress this far. Its because a blind eye is always turned that this is happening and the LAPD will now, as Dr. Paul recently inferred on another issue, "reap what they sow".

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