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It is not a voluntary system. That is the acid test.

Ron Paul is the only one I've ever known to pass the test, all others, so far, fail.

The really troubling thing here is that this fact, that no one but Ron Paul passes the involuntary/voluntary test, measures our future.

Will our future be movements toward Liberty or movements in the opposite direction?

Anything less than a Ron Paul type Federal (not National) solution is still a direction toward less Liberty and the only difference in the movements toward less Liberty is how fast we move away from Liberty.

I know, and I think you know, bear, that I'm speaking the truth, but who understands the truth in America?

Not that guy.

That guy is an obvious Nationalist.

One solution MUST be enforced upon everyone or else - without question.

That is how Counter Revolutionary Forces (my new working English phrase) work in our brains.

We are schooled, taught, even brainwashed, or conditioned, to think in terms of one POWER ruling us, or else, without question, and I'm not talking about God.

This is more of the bait and switch routine stuff.

If spiritual awareness is a real thing, and I know it is, so I'm therefore a potential target, then that awareness of a POWER, that spiritual awareness of a POWER can be falsified and injected into our brains as a counterfeit version exists in tandem with the genuine article.

Instead of asking, OK, what is the right thing to do according to my best ability to understand spiritual awareness, instead of that, these Counter Revolutionary Forces inspire the targeted victims to think otherwise, but similarly, along the lines of having ONE POWER commanding the path to be taken in any case where an individual is ON THE FENCE.

What would Jesus do, to borrow a phrase, is replaced with what am I told to do, to obey, without question?

That my dear bear is the danger before us.

Even the best minds, good people, smart people, doing very good things, are then set on a path that strengthens Man made Laws, and weakens Natural Law, or Common Law, or God's Law, depending upon how thoughtful any individual may be at any given moment.

There is no talk of removing absolute power from the dictator in the dictators throne. There is no talk of the absolutely despicable practice of torturing and murdering innocent people daily. There is only a hint of remedy that suggests a more benevolent future for the abuse of power.

No talk of reverting back from absolute despotism, or Nationalism, to an actual Democratic Federated Republican form of voluntary, competitive, government, whereby one State could be exemplified by this doctors Planned Economy of taking from this person and then "giving" to that person, so as to teach, by example, exactly how well that works in that State, compared to another State that may not MODEL their POWER on the Dictator, Involuntary, Criminal, Model.

What would the future be like in a State, in a Voluntary Union, whereby that State was a sanctuary for the runaway slaves, and not just another slave state of a different color of law?

Thanks bear, for your precious time once again.