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Granger, why is it that those of us who are thinking clearly about Rand are accused of 'HATING' him, 'RAND HATERS', or in one instance 'Rand hatters'. I don't hate Rand. I don't know Rand. The more Rand talks, though, the more I know that I don't know Rand. I don't like what Rand has done. I don't like his rhetoric. I don't like his principles. Granger, Rand has voted to sanction Iran, twice. This is indiscriminate punishment to ALL civilians using the Rial. How would you like some big bully to reduce the purchasing power of your money by 80% over the course of a few months? And for what? Because the people who claim to be the leaders of the geographical region they happen to live in are thought to be working towards building a weapon, that the very people condemning them possess thousands of? Of course, there is no proof of this. Before destroying Iraq, it was said that the proof was 'undeniable'. But in spite of the most sophisticated surveillance apparatus known to man, there is no proof of this. And Rand votes to indiscriminately starve the entire population???????????? Granger, I know you are more humane than this. This is just one thing Rand has done. I am not going to go into the rest. I have worn myself out pointing out that Rand is not the same as Ron. I am tired of doing it.

But one thing for sure. Rand has hindered the progress of the movement his father built more than any other person.

Granger, does Rand care about you? Does Rand do weekly updates for ALL interested in liberty? Does Rand address the people interested in liberty ever? Does Rand sound like he is on the side of the people? Is Rand's voting record one of a populist's? Does Rand ever mention 'liberty' anymore?

Granger, liberty is not all about who is in the White House. The very notion of voting is antithetical to the philosophy of liberty. Why does there need to be a great consensus to achieve liberty?

I am thrilled you are trying your best to participate in politics to spread liberty. I hope Rand changes his tune. I just feel like Rand is the great co-opter of the liberty movement that the PTB have all been waiting for. He has changed many to the neo-con philosophy just like the poster has pointed out.

But, like always, I still love ya.
I know you love this one: