Comment: Is GGGGggggrrrrrrrrrrr a symbol of CLEAR THINKING?

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Is GGGGggggrrrrrrrrrrr a symbol of CLEAR THINKING?

Grrrr is LOVE? Calling me a Neocon is LOVE? Saying that I am blindly following Rand is LOVE? I believe you LOVE, me, it's just some things being said about me are not very LOVING.

What rhetoric do you not like Ducky? That Rand is standing up to Hillary and Kerry and the GOP and the establishment with personal integrity to the principles of the constitution and fortitude?

What principles do you not like? Diplomacy first?

Did you understand that Rand saying DIPLOMACY FIRST eliminated Bush doctorin/pre-emptive warfare? ELIMINATED IT.. he can say, "All option are on the table".. because pre-emptive is ELIMINATED and no where near the table. Tell me,, "YES, Granger, I completely understood that, and never said Rand was for pre-emptive war." You can even cut and paste that quote for you. (((((ducky))))))

Why wouldn't Rand vote to sanction Iran? Do you like the fact that China and India are replacing our production and get their oil from Iran? Is it that you greatly appreciate the fact that China, India and Russia are building their militaries with that oil? Have you seen the technology and combat jets, tanks, arms, WMD they are building? And Obama administration, following Bush doctorine, loses a drone the Iranians have disected and now have that technology. Do you really think China, Irran, Russia and India care about you, me, us? Sanctions are not pre-emptive war. Ron Paul believes in defensive war, does he believe the nations that are building arms for war are not focussed on America? Have you not heard Iran say, they don't need anything from the USA, the sanctions don't hurt them? Are they bluffing? Think China, who we are dependent for products, and the biggest buyer of Iranian oil is not doing for Iran what we refuse?

How are sanctions any different than the Federal Reserve Bank hurting all Americans? To do NOTHING would be a mistake., Rand has to work with what exists. Sign waving is not going to stop the wars. Rand has said many times, we need to get back to the constitutiton, take away the executive power of the president to declare war, and return that power to congress? Rand voted to stop Monsanto from poisioning the entire nation of Iran, eh?

Rand is no way the same as Ron. Ron is a nice man who refused to fight. Rand is fighting to materialize Ron's message working within the system we have, and can not change unless we get in.

You say Rand has hindered the movemnt.. MY GOP in CA is a war zone. CA is not alone. I am but one among many Ron Paul Republicans in a massive fight in the GOP. I'm elected treasurer.. I have a state vote.. My GOP won't hand me the books.. they refuse to help fund my trip to the convention.. they are funding the Chair. How fair is this? And the liberty movement won't help me becasue I'm a REPUBLICAN. Come on... whose side are you guys on? You help the Neocons because you ____________ GOP. Or is it me personally, after all, I'm told repeatedly I am lived, between the insults?

Did Ron care about me? He took my money. He told me, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution? He accepted the gift basket of local products from Mendocino and was amused that Norway considers abalone shell legal tender, and why it can not be brought onto the country. But does he care about me? I haven't given Rand a dime.

Rand is in the news everyday (((((((ducky)))))))))

Rand says we need to get back to the constitution. Is that LIBERTY? Rand wants to grow hemp. Is that LIBERTY? Rand want dimplomacy first. Is that Liberty? Rand wants to restore the Republic. Is THAT Liberty?

You're correct (((((ducky))))) it's NOT who is in the white house. It's who is on the convention floors fighting Karl Rove and his new PAC to out the Ron Paul RepubliCANS. It's those who took seats and signed loyalty oaths because they wanted to be Ron Paul delegates.. it's about not losing anymore.

I am not TRYING to achieve Liberty (((ducky)))) I am spending my time, energy, gas, and money to exercize my right to vote for LIBERTY and materialize that in the GOP, USA and world.

I think it's GREAT you and ((((PAV)))) are happy messangers.. but what is a message when there is no way to materialize it? We are cleaning up the GOP.. we are the front line.. we are taking the hits, and unfortunately for us.. it's not just Karl Rove who attacks us, but our best friends who proclaim the message of LIBERTY, but have no way to materialize it.

Rand Vs The Liberty Movement