Comment: ((((PAF)))) Admits he LOVES Rand and the GOP. Finally

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((((PAF)))) Admits he LOVES Rand and the GOP. Finally

I knew you had it in you (((((PAF))))))) If hating Rand and the GOP is the furthest thing from the truth... that would mean you LOVE them. So it's me then you hate?

Let's not forget Rand is who is working to make cannabis hemp legal. I have been a hemp activist since 1992. I have four medals 1999, Y2K and 01 from the American Culinary Federation in Vegan and Vegetarian foods, ALL using Hemp. The medical marijauan industry has threatened me and those like me, done everything they could to bury us.. and as mush sympathy as I have for thiose who are sick and need help.. I think help is a solution for a planet that is sick and needs help, people who need work and Americans that need products.

Amash is great. Too bad he's not on TV everyday, writting legislation that's making headline news, but one day he might.

Rand is not the messanger, Ron and you are. You do your jobs and Rand and those of us in the GOP will do our, working with what we;ve got, respectablly and materializing YOUR message. Excuse us if how we are doing this is not a perfect ideal for you, but the party and politics is not ideal. We work with what we have.

Waving signs is not going to change the GOP. Voting for Liberty candidates to control the GOP is how we do it, and we're up against some mean folks who LOVE Bush doctorine, LOVE tha bankers, son't wnt an audit. My committee refuses to hand me the books, refuses to support me to the convention.. They make it very hard, and it's YOUR words they will use against me, not Roves.