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Negligent of his staff to let it expire after the 2008 campaign but Ron Paul is a trademark and has sufficient grounds to claim back the domain name of his trademark.

Ron Paul tried, in good faith, to buy it back from the owners but they saw the opportunity to extort more money thus refused. THAT IS ONE OF THE PURPOSES to trademark your name, to avoid things like these. Ron Paul will get his domain name back and the owners will get zip.

And for those that are complaining about this whole UN thing.

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) is the standard international (since domains and .com can be purchased from anyone around the globe) means of re-acquiring domain names that business and individuals own trademark to. The fact that they are associated with the UN is a mute point.

It shows malice in the part of the owner of the site to try and paint Ron Paul as a hypocrite to his supporters when the reality of the situation at this point and time is that it is the only avenue available for this kind of arbitration. The owners just showed their true colors and WHY IT IS NECESSARY that Ron Paul gets that domain back.

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