Comment: Fiat money issued by any entitiy is the issue

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Fiat money issued by any entitiy is the issue

Pointing out a problem is good but not providing a real solution to the problem mis-educates the masses. The last thing I would want to see is have the masses replace one evil with another - We already have that with the false left/right paridigm.
That's what Glen Back does - defines a real problem but leads his followers down a false solution otherwise known as controlled opposition.
I am not saying that the presenter in this case is doing that. The reason why I stopped watching the film was because he made it appear as though lincholn the (Tyrant) was just because he created his own fiat currency rather then using bank created fiat currency - Both were bad and disasterous.
In short pointing out the problem of Fascism but indirectly promoting Communism in that effort does not give a solution to the problem.