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I'm not understanding

Are you saying.. let Rand stay in the senate and promote Amash for president? Is that your compromise? To deny Rand for the sake of Amash?

The GOP just gave Rubio $30 Million to fight Rand. Amash was voted in the same year as Rand. It takes millions of more dollars to run for Senate than congress, and you're saying.. "So what?" Amash is better, so screw Rand, let him stay where he is, forget Rubio, forget the GOP, let's do what we've been doing for 5 years and support someone who isn't on MSM radar, who the GOP doesn't know.. and put all of our collective energy there because we will win."

My committee, my state, the USA is talking about Rand Paul, and you want to sink this?

I'm not following you. Please elebaorate, because to me,, it seems you are wanting to pick the sweetest apple on the tree, where those of us with Rand want the whole tree.

Amash would be great in the GOP debate. I support Rand over Amash, and if Amash beats Rand.. absolutly I'll vote for him, don't even need a loyalty oath to do that.