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If you don't know

who Dean Clifford is then you would probably benefit immensely by learning about his freedom activism by simply watching his youtube videos (there are many). Even though he's in Canada, he is leading the way on how to dismantle the oppression of the tyrants and their systems of control. What he is doing can be applied universally and may benefit all of humanity, regardless of which country one resides.

If you aren't familiar with the subject matter he teaches than spend a little time with it to let it sink in, eventually it will click, an experience similar the Ron Paul wake-up moment.

Please do what you can to support this man. He is one of us. This is what a modern day political prisoner looks like. Our most effective tool in overcoming tyranny is the collective strength achieved by large numbers of supporters. Freedom depends upon our choices to support and nourish it in order for it to grow. Don't let one of our heroes down in his time of need. Together we can accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds to.