Comment: Do Not Be Deceived

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Do Not Be Deceived

This video is horribly full of statist ideology. You will see this doctrine emerge more and more. It argues that money creation should be in the hands of the government, not the "private sector". We must not allow people to label the current money system as private. It is a cartel enforced by government violence. Removing the bankers and replacing them with bureaucrats will do nothing to change the current system.

Do not be lulled to support this doctrine. The answer is the full repeal of the currency laws. Allow any currency to be used. Allow any bank to issue any currency. Allow any mint to issue a full gold backed currency. Allow the currencies to compete. Allow the strongest, most stable store of value to emerge. THIS IS THE ANSWER... DO NOT BELIEVE THAT GIVING GOVERNMENT AND POLITICIANS FULL CONTROL OF OUR MONEY SUPPLY IS A PANACEA. IT IS DEATH!