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Comment: Looks like this experiment is concluded. Thanks everyone!

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Looks like this experiment is concluded. Thanks everyone!

Dowload requests have tapered off to near 0. 73 people downloaded from Smashwords and an amazing 50 people purchased from Amazon so unbelievably I ended up buying what I was GIVING AWAY. We are indeed a kind and generous people.

As far as rate/volume, a flood of requests came in almost immediately and the rate was sustained for a few days as the post made it into DP Originals. Yesterday things started slowing down and this morning I have like 2 requests.

MOST CURIOUSLY only about 30% of the people that requested actually downloaded. I guess people really hated registering on Smashwords. That's a pity. I was just sending them out as email attachments but ALL THIS TROUBLE ensued with people's maximum file sizes and spam blockers and white-lists. That turned into a nightmare instantly.

As far as overall project time I probably spent something like 30 days writing, a few more getting it through proof reading, a day drawing, 2 days dealing with all the software interfaces that actually "publish" it and probably a day just responding and sending out the download link. So my break-even point is a LONG way down the road but still, now I'm a published author and I've actually sold books. I'm like hey, not bad for a start. And it was fun! I guess I really just lucked out because we are a tight group, it's on a topic we're interested in and I did pick a slow news day to launch it. I did kinda wait for Sandy Hook Fever to muffle down a bit.

I'd like to thank EVERYBODY. Thanks to the gang that runs DP, Michael, BigMikeDude et al, LissaN for proof reading, Tarin Lupo for kinda showing us the ways of self publishing, thanks to everybody who downloaded, extra humble thanks to everyone that purchased and for all of your support and comments.

THE OFFER STILL STANDS for a few days, you can still get in. IF ANY OF YOU WEBSITES OR GROUPS that might benefit from this kind of promo let me know, Tarin explains there's like 50 different ways to set stuff like that up.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.