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thank you!

Take note, you don't need a signed cert to get encryption. You can just make a self signed cert. People will just have to hit accept or confirm the self signed cert on their browser when going to No big deal. The dailypaul and you Michael, I trust more then SSL vendors so if you wanted to make a self signed cert, that would be more then enough for me and most others on here. You are less likely to give up the key to the feds then any of the major SSL vendors. And you don't have to force people to https, people can use non encrypted if they choose to.

You can buy them online. In order to get one, you must have a private key created (with the Daily Paul info, owner, domain, etc). Then you need to create a CSR based on the key. (Certificate signing request). Then send the CSR to a trusted vendor for signing. Comodo, verisgin, there are a bunch of trusted vendors.Many companies that sell ssl certs will also have a web form you can use to create the private key, csr and signed cert right there. So the key and CSR do not need to be created on the hosted server. They can be created on your workstation even. If you have a mac or linux workstation, creating a key and csr is a snap and their are probably hundreds of howtos on the net for this.

The price will vary. Shared cert, and wild card certs are more expensive.

I also wanted to add....although the Dailypail will be encrypted with ssl, the linked and href'd content that are hosted else where would not be encrypted traffic. For example, if someone links to a non encrypted Alex Jones site, the snooping feds will be able to see in plain text any traffic that's generated between the DPer and where the non encrypted Alex JOnes site is hosted. Not saying AJ is insecure, just an example. Used AJ as I am sure he is on their "watch list"