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Comment: "Well either that or you live in a hole somewhere in a forest

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"Well either that or you live in a hole somewhere in a forest

without internet or any other form of communication with the outside world."

Well since you admitted you know nothing about any of what you're talking about and yet you're still going on about what's right and what's possible I'll just conclude you're a moron but I'll leave you with this..

There are multiple low-tech maneuvers that could and do defeat all that I listed and more. Very simple things people can do, if followed, will give them a huge amount of anonymity. You want to pretend otherwise by your "woods" statement so I'll let you and people like you figure it out on your own. With SOPA coming out, we'll see how long you internet geniuses last through TOR and modern Crypto. Trust away 100%. I think it's more like denial 100% but to each his own. :)

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