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Comment: Thanks for replying to my request Michael.

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Thanks for replying to my request Michael.

Thanks for replying to my request on my post

I responded, but it looks like some other DPers have already given some good info.

I think Self Signed cert is a good way to go. They are free. People who are to afraid to hit accept or proceed on their browser to view the site over https will still be able to view with no encryption. You don't have to force people to https.

DPers are smarter then the average Joe, I think a simple front page post regarding how self signed certs work with browsers would be enough. Also would have to warn DPers that even if they come to the over https, their traffic between their workstations and any sites linked from the to other sites that are not encrypted will not be secure.

Again, thx for your response

And those are some mighty nice car badges!!!