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Good points

One more thing for people to consider regarding SSL encryption.

SSL does NOT hide your IP address. Let's say your ISP is ATT which provides Internet access for your house. ATT knows who you are, and they also know which IP address(es) you use when you browse the Internet.

That means if someone (like the govt.) was really interested they could view the data flowing over the Internet, pick out traffic associated with your IP and know every thing you do on the Internet if they got ATT's info. In fact the govt. was shown to be illegally spying on Internet traffic from Americans.

What SSL encryption does is scramble the data sent between your computer and the computer (server) you connect to. So someone snooping would see that you (your IP address) connected to such and such server, but they wouldn't know what data (like passwords, your comments, etc.) was exchanged. They would only know that something was exchanged between the two locations. So, they would still know you were visiting the Daily Paul is the point I'm trying to get across. The only way to alleviate that would be using an anonymous proxy server or connecting from a location/IP address not tied back to you (like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.).