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I don't know

I found myself liking alot of what he said, but then when he got to the health savings plans portion of his speech, I was left questioning if this would be a forced/involuntary system. That is why I asked the question. That is why I said, I do not wish to participate in having all of my healthcare records consolidated from birth. It is my business and no one elses. I don't appreciate having a social security number assigned to me either. Let me take care of myself and let me contribute charitably to others, but do not force me into a system and then rob me.

The problem with someone who says alot of good things and quotes scripture, etc., and then inserts error is that credibility is given to the error. That is my caution. Granted he did not field any questions. I think we need to be smart when people begin to talk about involuntary social programs.

Dr. Paul says that people need to make their own decisions and pay their own consequences for their own decisions. This man does not speak the same language as Dr. Paul in that regard as far as I could tell.

Because Obamacare is so bad, it makes Dr. Carson's plan look good. IMO maybe they try to take a mile so they can get 1/2 a mile...and I don't want to give an inch when it comes to liberty. We have a long way to go to get back to Liberty.