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A hug?

No, I don't like people I do not know touching me. No pity parties either because it is actually quite funny to me that people around here do not get me, the only reason they do not get me is because very few people here take a minute to have a conversation with me.

You really dig meek women? There are plenty out there, I wish you luck in your search, they are probably not as cool as I am, but they are there. Just don't promise to take them to Alaska if you don't mean it. :)

My "lets all rally around the judge and say he CAN win" seems a bit ridiculous right? Yup, so if the Rand people read it and say.... that sounds ridiculous.... maybe they will hold up a mirror, or maybe not.

Your goal was to have my comment become 403'd lol. Thanks.

I'm supposed to rub your feet, are you going to rub mine in return? This works 2 ways you know.

Your comments make me laugh. Sometimes my roommate and I get bored and we bet on pissing matches. You have become a sure bet.