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How is that?

You have two rEVOLution car badges, want a peace sign, and you're not a leftist, but I ask for one rEVOLution car badge and I'm a leftist?

So now, about me asking for handouts... I have a dilemma.

Maybe you can help me? Maybe you won't. Here's my dilemma:

I am elected to my GOP committee (I did that to be a Ron Paul national delegate) My committee elected me treasurer, which is the most powerful position on a committee because not only am I "THE BANKER", but I have a vote on the local committee and the state as a delegate.

CA GOP convention is March 1, 2, 3.

Normally, the committee pays for delegates.

My committee has excuses why the "past treasurer" can not hand over the books until I go to the convention. I believe that this is because they have paid for the Chair, but they refuse to pay for me, because they don't want me voting in Liberty canddiates.

The convention costs $95.. unless you pay at the convention, and then it's $110.00 Their submit payment is not working, and it warns you, clicking submit more than once you may be charged multible times.

I have written the CAGOP Treasurer, and copied it to my committee, about my committee's treasurer not handing over the books. Committee became defensive.

I wrote to the CAGOP and told them about their broken icon, I have heard NOTHING.

A room at the convention costs $165.00 per night. The dinners are $200.00, Lunches $100.00, breakfasts $75. I am only really interested in going to the dinner with Karl Rove because I want to face Karl Rove and stand up against his Victory PAC he created to keep the Bushcons in office and eliminate CANs. It would actually be good to be at all of the events to show these power brokers that we are a force and not chump change. The GOP has given Rubio $30 million to build support within the GOP.

Anyways.. I am planning on attending my committee meeting next Saturday and asking for donations to help me cover costs. I may get some help from the three liberty members,, and the two tea partiers.. and I may have the Chair make excuses why I can not do this.

The convention is going to cost me about $2K. I have already got my room in a near by hotel (thought I know I should be in the convention hotel, no, I can not afford that. I would really like to go to the dinners and such, not to eat (because I'll be fasting) but because I want to stand for republiCANs.. WE ARE THE FUTURE.. I plan on bringing some of the Liberty videos I have left from Ron Paul's campaign, and yeah, a rEVOLution car badge would be cool to have on my car. Anyways..

I asked you about getting me a car badge because asking anyone for anything is HARD for me to do, yet, knowing you LOVE me, even though it's TOUGH LOVE, I knew it would help me toughten up.

Now.. my delimma.. the poster, Missy, read a post of mine about the convention costs and my GOP with holding from me on another thread, and offered to give me some support. I didn't expect it, it completely blew me away. It's what made me decide to ask my committee for help. Missy suggested I give my contact information, she gave hers, and told me to contact her (and she admitted she does not make a lot of money but believes in me, I really can't tell you how much that meant to me).

I wrote to MN and asked what he thought, and the DP responded and suggested I make a post about my delimma. I see it as donations for the rEVOLution, which I represent on my committtee. I don't see it as a personal thing, because though I enjoy a good fight, I think a cruise to Italy and Greece would be more fun.

So... Ideally, I would like to make $2K.. covers the convention, gas. What should I do? How do I make a great post? How do I make a chip in?

I have to find out how to legally collect the money and appropriately handle it.. and I believe I will learn that in my treasurer's meetings at the CAGOP, I will find out. If there was more than $2K, collected, I think it should be returned for the good of the DP community.. Still, it would make me very proud to know I am being supported rather than going broke.

I am open to suggestions.

So help me out here.

As for me being a leftist.. the leftists in my community would venhemently disagree with you, and so would the Neocons on my committee who find Ron, Rand, Amash way too conservative for them.