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Comment: (( Helping Out A Leftist - Calling Granger!! ))

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(( Helping Out A Leftist - Calling Granger!! ))

"Their submit payment is not working"

Send a Money Order Certified/Registered mail, which is date stamped and you get a receipt??

"I see it as donations for the rEVOKLution"

If you change it to r3VOLution, I will donate if a chip-in is set up. I don't appreciate the letter k in America or r3VOLution :-)

Make simple thread asking for donations. Everybody here knows you. We may not agree with you about your underhanded tactics [j/k], but we know that your heart and intentions are sincere :-)

I do not know anything about chip-ins. I asked once a long time ago but never got an answer. I am sure that somebody here knows how to do something like that. If the chip-in does get set up, I will immediately get you your very own r3VOLution car badge. I will NOT consider it a handout, but rather a gift to you :-)

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