Comment: This is an Honest Man Who Could be a Great Freedom Ally

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This is an Honest Man Who Could be a Great Freedom Ally

There's some important things I'd like to analyze about what is happening here. My first thought is how did this man get vetted to make this presentation before Obama when the moral differences between the two are like night and day? It's clear that Benjamin is a great highly disciplined man of incredible accomplishment who still believes in America and who also believes that our "leaders" are generally honest in their efforts to make America great again. Obama, to the contrary, is lazy but also is a highly skilled pitch man (It is this unbelievably great deception skill in Obama that made him the banker's choice for president). Like so many propaganda stunts I hold that this is nothing more than a photo-op to confer on Obama a little more "greatness by association" by using Benjamin as a prop.

Before getting into why I say this I'd like to digress as to why I know Obama is lazy. Then I'll get back to Benjamin. Here's a piece from (political scientist and top government corruption expert) Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (Oct 2, 2012 www.worldaffairsbrief). Here Joel is quoting Alan Caruba of the Wall Street journal and interjecting his own insightful personal take within this quote [in brackets].


“Obama. I think he's led
a kind of make-believe life in which money was
provided and doors were opened because at some
point early on somebody or some group (George
Soros anybody?) [yes, insofar as Soros is part of
the globalist cabal that controls both parties. At
some point in his Marxist upbringing, Obama
was lured in by the PTB and began to work for
them] took a look at this tall, good looking, half3
white, half-black, young man with an exotic
African/Muslim name and concluded he could be
guided toward a life in politics where his facile
speaking skills could even put him in the White
House [Precisely. Only the media, shilling for
government, would praise Obama’s hip-hop,
dogmatic, staccato speaking style].
“In a very real way, he has been a young man in
a very big hurry. Who else do you know has
written two memoirs before the age of 45?
‘Dreams of My Father’ was published in 1995
when he was only 34 years old. The ‘Audacity of
Hope’ followed in 2006. If, indeed, he did write
them himself. There are some who think that his
mentor and friend, Bill Ayers, a man who calls
himself a ‘communist with a small 'c'’ was the
real author.
“His political skills consisted of rarely voting on
anything that might be deemed controversial. He
went from a legislator in the Illinois legislature to
the Senator from that state because he had the
good fortune of having Mayor Daley's
formidable political machine at his disposal.
“He was in the U.S. Senate so briefly that his bid
for the presidency was either an act of
astonishing self-confidence or part of some
greater game plan that had been determined
before he first stepped foot in the Capital [right].
How, many must wonder, was he selected to be a
2004 keynote speaker at the Democrat
convention that nominated John Kerry when
virtually no one had ever even heard of him
“He outmaneuvered Hillary Clinton in primaries.
He took Iowa by storm. A charming young man,
an anomaly in the state with a very small black
population, he oozed ‘cool’ in a place where
agriculture was the antithesis of cool. He dazzled
the locals [in reality, the media hype dazzled the
dumbed-down locals]. And he had an army of
volunteers drawn to a charisma that hid any real
substance. ...

... “Now, 3 full years into his presidency, all of
those gilded years leading up to the White House
have left him unprepared to be President
[Actually, the PTB don’t want someone prepared
to lead, only prepared to follow their script,
which Obama does well except when the script
isn’t in front of him]. Left to his own instincts, he
has a talent for saying the wrong thing at the
wrong time. It swiftly became a joke that he
could not deliver even the briefest of statements
without the ever-present Tele-Prompters.”


Obama knows that the elite are handing everything to him including his wealth (a second rate lawyer doesn't obtain the type of wealth Obama has without the connections to the elite). One other key point that lends strong support to Obama's laziness is the fact that Obama already knew (in advance before the election) that he would win his second term (by hook or crook). What else explains his disinterest and utter failure in the first Romney debate. It is my best guess that after that miserable failure Obama might have been pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms to get with it or he won't be given the presidency. The elite can only steal so many votes before the fraud becomes obvious even to unsavvy Americans. There could not be a big spread between the polls and the actual vote. So the elite can't risk a "great awakening" even as they as they still wanted Obama in he worst way. For those who don't know about the voter fraud that happened this time around, first of all Joel Skousen predicted it in October. Start here at 1:35:25 in this video:

the information is coming out in droves like this article:

Now back to Benjamin who unlike Obama has genuine personal accomplishment and who has lifted himself out of the most incredibly depressing circumstances. Not only that Benjamin is a charitable person with a big heart who has spent a lot of time figuring out a way to lift others who were in his own circumstances and has changed the lives of untold thousands for the better.

I believe, however, Benjamin believes that those in power are there legitimately and probably assumes that they, like himself, are there because of great accomplishment, honest effort and honest ideals. I believe it's possible that Benjamin actually voted for Obama and may have actually actively campaigned for him (my guess not researched). Let me illustrate. Benjamen's jab at the (now) "four-way" separation of powers (Executive, legislative, judicial and special interests) probably wasn't a savvy jab at the Federal Reserve Bank but more likely his view that lobbyists for big companies have gotten their way more than he would like. He also put in a genuine carefully thought out suggestion to have the government do medical savings accounts (genuine concern on his part but is contrary to what freedom should be) instead of Obamacare as it is now with it's "death panels". He would be genuinely shocked if he ever learned that the death panels are actually a purposeful part of the plan. From the tone of his statements it seems to me that he actually believes that Obamacare is an honest first step in solving the healthcare crisis. Benjamin believe in the altruism and the goodness that is common in the people he surrounds himself with and cannot imagine that evil conspiracy could have a stranglehold on our country. Throughout his whole speech I don't see anything that would indicate that he was trying to teach Obama "a lesson," nor even to a lesser degree try to pull a similar stunt like Clint Eastwood at the Republican convention. It's clear he was trying to offer genuine suggestions with his assumption that Obama is genuinely looking for the best solutions as well (which is unfortunately not the case).

With that said if Benjamin were to ever learn about the international banking conspiracy and the stranglehold it has on our country I know that he would wake up and be a shining light against the whole establishment and a leader in the freedom movement. If only someone could convince Benjamin to watch this:

and these: