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You say there is nothing wrong with usury in a free market.

Indeed your understanding is very misguided, because private Central Banks holding an exclusive Monopoly over the creation of all money ... is not a free market at all. Usury is the problem here, because the mere creation of money is directly correlated with the creation of Debt.

This isn't a free market at all, this is financial slavery (and a system of total financial control). The more money you create, the more DEBT you also create (which requires money to extinguish), so the the creation of both money and Debt then become hopelessly endless, and unresolvable.

So the Video does correctly defend Lincoln and Kennedy for their efforts to take the control away from the private Bankers, and provide debt-free currency to allow the people to finally freely exchange their good and services.

And in fact, those two Presidents were assassinated precisely because they threatened to end the reign of the Global Bankers, and provide Sovereign currency -- that would be outside the clutches and reach of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc., (and with no fabricated DEBT to enslave the people).

Now if we actually had "United States Notes", the Banksters would then lose all their influence, and their stranglehold over us.

But if the creation of money is left to any profit-oriented market, then the rich interests will always be able to control the creation of money once again. They can own the mining companies outright, they can own the COMEX (J.P. Morgan) and can manipulate the perceived supply and the pricing, and they can affix Debt and fees, paper-gold schemes, and other deceptions on the public.

So the only way to take the Banksters out of the game, is to have the creation of money become a public service (untouchable by the profiteers) with no DEBT (enslavement), and to also declare anything that the Banksters "create" to be no longer money.

Then, and only then, do they finally lose their control. And History makes clear their Control has been the true corrupting force behind democracies and dictatorships alike.

The Banksters objective has always been to control the World (and the World's Resources). You have to break that chain, and put them out of business. Only Soveriegn money can do that, which is why assassinations and Wars occur whenever somebody stands up (Moammar Khadafi, Saddam Hussein) and tries to go around the Central Banks, or go around the Petro-Dollar.