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Maybe you missed the question marks? Ron paul ASKED us to become GOP delegates. Do we agree on this?

Link me up to when he said that we need to become part of the Democratic Party and Indy's who have NO representation.

I'm not saying I am doing more than anyone. I know three Ron Paul RepubliCANS who are seated with me on my committee doing just as much and more at times. I know Ron Paul RepubliCANS in CA who work very hard in materializing Ron Paul's message in the GOP.

I see many people here on DP who have worked relentlessly to materilaize Ron Paul's message and I RESPECT, ADMIRE and APPRECIATE, and support (when I financially am able) as much as I can.

The NEOcons and NEOliberals have taken BOTH parties, the Neocons, outted the conservatives and the Neoliberals outted the liberals to create what now appears like one party in two, for a NWO UN Agenda.

If that is what you see as a false left/right paradigm.. fine with me.. none the less, it exists, and I am in the GOP to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC. Do what YOU want.