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First of all....

The Sergeant is just that... A Sgt. He is a nobody that was selected to be a poster boy for warmongering. I dont give a rats-a$$ what this illiterate ignoramus thinks. Signed up to fight for our freedom...?

He is as much of a hero as I am when I take a healthy dump the day after eating a freeking Ghost Chili Pepper.

As far a FLEM SPECK... I guess if I am a expert sniper that makes Me americas BRIGHTEST? I am so freeking intelligent because I am a sniper?

Let me tell you about Selflessly Served 4 tours, you ingnorant ass. Selflessly? Yeah, he signed a contract to be active duty. In that contract if you refuse deployment, your future is over. Oh, and let's not forget the $4-7000 monthly salary and all the bonuses. Selfeless, my a$$

Saved countless american lives, really? How, by murdering teenagers walking along side a road in AFG or IRQ?

Lived his Christian Belief.. Yeah.. I clearly remember Jesus saying take up your arms and go murder to show that you are a patriot.

I stopped listening to Speck a 1:30.

CW3 Kelly (USA Ret)