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Yes (((((((((((((((Missy)))))))))))))))))

I heard from DP this morning giving me permission to make a post. I've been over on the, "Look what came in the mail yesterday..." post by MN, where he's showing off the awesome rEVOLuton car badges RobHino made.. I posted to the poster ProudAmericanFirst, asking him to buy me a rEVOLution car badge (a test run in asking someone who gives me TOUGH LOVE), and then went further and explained "my dilemma".

I have, because of you, decided to ask my committee members for support. I think there's at least two out of four who will.. (there are more members on the committee, two are Ron Paul RepubliCANs, two are Tea Partiers, and the rest.. well.. be nice if they left.

So now, what I'm trying to do is make a post.. come up with a chip in. I want to do this properly, accepting the donations properly, see if there is a tax break to offer, or if there more than I asked given, what I could do with the money to return it to DP community that would benefit everyone. I believe the treasurer training at the CA GOP convention will answer my questions.

If you have any suggestions about how to make a proper post.. I'm all eyes! It amazes me how excited I am.. I am so very grateful to you for opening a door in my life I never considered. Still WOWED!

THANK YOU for changing my life for the better (((((Missy)))))