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Comment: Several Photos

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Several Photos

There have been several photos from Curiosity that are a bit strange and unexplained. They are shown briefly in the news, but Nasa either doesn't post them or pulls them from the Curiosity web site if they are becoming controversial. One photo about a month ago or so, was a sharply pointed triangular silver colored object sticking out of the sand in a relatively flat area with a few rocks around. It definitely did not belong to the natural surroundings, and it did not look fresh new. Nasa never responded to questions about it. Don't forget that Mars was a viable planet a long long time ago. Something took "it out",a meteor, asteriod, comet, or just maybe the civilization that may have been there did themselves in. Who knows, but if there was an ancient civilization there and it was destroyed, there are still a few pieces laying around that I am sure Nasa is looking for.