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Comment: I listen to Michael Savage W-F nights

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I listen to Michael Savage W-F nights

On my way home from working 2nd shift. The same co-worker that convinced me to look into Ron Paul early last year suggested I tune in and check him out. I do love how he's an independent and very knowledgeable of the oligarchy. He's a joy to listen to, until he starts spouting off American Exceptionalism, hailing Israel, pro drone use, Islamic hate, and all that. He swears HE'S not a neocon, BUT he doesn't hesitate to throw other neocons under the bus and is pretty good at shedding light on the RINOs within the republican party. He is somewhat condescending, but at the same time, he's usually just saying what everyone's thinking. He's also a paranoid germaphobe who seems to hold himself in higher regards than the average American who's not as wealthy, well educated, cultured as he is. At the end of the day, there are things he says that I disagree with him on, but the things I do agree with him on balance eachother out. Big Egos for sure, but I do agree, they should be civil and give props to eachother when it is warranted and spread the like-minded outlets around for more exposure.