Comment: That is very cool!

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That is very cool!

Michael is the best! I know it's embarrassing to ask for money, so when you do write the post, feel free to say it was my idea lol

...And, I would include an itemized list of things that need to be paid for/cost and the importance of/what is scheduled to take place at the convention as you did in your post above.

And I'd include a promise to give us a detailed report on what takes place at the convention (which I'm sure you'd do anyway).

I really appreciate your sincere thanks, but you're the one who's doing the work and you've been paying the costs out of your own pocket. Those of us who appreciate what you're doing and have the means, deserve the opportunity to say thank you by chipping in.

Congrats Granger, and look forward to reading the post and chipping in!