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Oh Everybody Knows What That Is

Every five days the teensy, weensy, teeny, tiny NASA astrobots have to take a dump otherwise things would get backed up and Curiosity would go kaflooey and shutdown.

So the three little bots chose straws and the unlucky bot that picked the short straw had to go out and bury the astro do-do. Not having a small enough shovel for its little hands, the short straw bot decided to throw the silver colored poop on the ground when no one was looking and hoped the planet's wind covered it up.

But the martian government caught her in the act and fined all three NASA astrobots one billion federal reserve notes for dumping solid waste without a permit. Since the federal reserve system on Mars is not backed by gold (just like on Earth), the clever little bots made an entry in their general ledger account titled, 'Fake Money' and promised the martians the debt owed would be paid in full with interest by the crew of the next mission to Mars which is scheduled to arrive in 2021.

This 'promise to pay in the future' scheme (Earthlings call it 'kick the can down the road') has been used by other intelligent life in the galaxy that has visited the red planet before and always fools the central government bureaucrats. The martian people finally got fed up with their politicians' stupidity and left the planet a thousand millennia ago.

So now you know the story behind NASA's claim to have discovered intelligent life on Mars; they're really not smart at all.