Comment: That is metal

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That is metal

That is incredibly fascinating looks like a handle. I am also interested in the rocks at the bottom right of the rover. Its a shiney hunk of metal revealed. If you look closely at cracks in the ground to the right of it you actually see where something is cracking apart and revealing that inside of it is shiney metal and on the outside it is covered in sand and dirt. This is incredible. Mars is abundant with rare earth metals. Perhaps you are looking at silver right there.

It is pretty interesting. If you look at the structure that the rover is sitting on top of it looks like it was at some point smooth and then cracked up into proportions. That is so COOL.

What if its a dome structure that is so old and eroded that its now cracking up? perhaps not, even though I am a strong believer in aliens and that mars has had civilization on it before if it doesn't already. PS: I don't believe that NASA garbage we all know its a cover for the secret space activities that will never be public unless we force it.

But cool picture I always enjoy looking at these