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Comment: I would not say the tribe owns us though

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I would not say the tribe owns us though

Because that would be at least as egotistical on the part of whoever runs the tribe. I do agree that there are philosophical problems with self-ownership, to some degree penned here

People ask me if I am a communitarian or an individualist. I'd say with the smallest unit of government, the family, I am fairly communitarian. I get less so as you go up (to VERY individualist at the highest levels) but I do figure I owe more respect to what my neighbor wants than what some guy in a capital 1,000 miles away wants.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)