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Good question.

And I would love to go into detail. I am running late for dinner and won't be back until Sunday night, so I promise to give more detail then, but for now, here are some quick points:

1) Artificially reducing liability allows corporations to grow beyond their means to self police.

2) There are no legitimate means by which a corporation can be held accountable due to it's separation of it's nature from the people running it. Fines do nothing, but you can't inprison a corporation.

3) All other forms of business, in whatever incarnation, including ones available today, and potentially new forms, should of course not be prohibited. In fact, we are not talking about prohibiting anything at all. We are talking about an end to the special rights afforded to corporations.

4) If I ran a lemonade stand and decided to lace the lemonade with anti-freeze to increase my profit margin, I would go to jail. This does not happen with corporations because the structure has become so complex it is impossible to pinpoint responsibility and therefore, a fine is levied.

5) More businesses existed throughout all of history when the corporate structure was not present. They tended to be smaller, and more manageable, however, it would not prevent size. Just require people be held responsible for their actions.

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