Comment: Least we forget

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Least we forget

Ron Paul had his own dissenters here, pro-choice, those who didn't appreciate his voting for the pork for his district, his collecting his SS$, now it's about, and his going to the UN for support...

Rand is not going to win every cause in Liberty.. yet, he's making huge strides, and has the same foundation as Ron Paul: constitutional government.

RE: Rand's foreign policy

You've seen my posts about Rand saying, "We need to use diplomacy first and then ALL options are on the table."? Those who don't like Rand, immediately said, "Well that means he's FOR pre-emptive war". But in truth, by using diplomacy first, he eliminated Bush doctorine pre-emptive war from being on the table.. ever.

I'm sure that Amash is more with Rand, than against him. And I'm sure Amash will be supporting Rand over Rubio, and right now, in the GOP, where I am.. that's the race. GOP establishment has given Rubio 30 million to beat us. I expect I'm going to see votes bought at the convention.. but my votes are not for sale.

I'm sorry you do not see these chess moves as a learning tool on how to beat the PTB. We are not going to win all the battles, but we are doing very well.. and that is very important.

Have you seen the jets and technology, WMD, China, Russia, India and building with oil from Iran?

Amash has a great message.. but didn't we learn from Ron Paul, it takes more than a message? What chess moves does Amash have? Do you think he won't need any to win against tptb?