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I agree sanctions are an act of war

They are not pre-emptive war.

It seems to me, that what you are failing to understand.. or what you are trying to FORCE through your own "sanctions" on Rand, is that Rand is a MINORITY who is working within a BIG WARMONGERING NATION to turn around to non-intervention. This is going to take compromise and teaching the GOP, who doesn't hear outside their own members.

Protesting, as Ron Paul proved with decades of protesting, isn't stopping wars.

Rand SAID THREE TIMES DIPLOMACY FIRST.. that eliminates pre-emptive war. Pre-emptive war eliminates diplomacy, so Rand has turned the tables by saying DIPLOMACY FIRST. He is educating the GOP that didn't want anything to do with Ron Paul.

Now the Ron Paul choir can say he's not signing loud, enough or long enough, and criticize him, unfairly with kick jerk reactions,, such as this accusation that he is for pre-emptive war. He has said ISRAEL CAN DEFEND ITS SELF and he and Ron have both said ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND. IF IF IF Israel, needed or wanted our help.. IF Israel was attacked, we would help. That's much different that saying, WE WILL FIGHT ISRAEL"S FIGHT, THEY DON"T NEED TO DO ANYTHING.

I am against Bush doctorine and am no warmonger. We are in multible wars as it is (THANKS OBUSHAMA) and they are not going to be stopped with protests. They are going to be stopped by giving support to those who have control where we can.. such as sanctions (If you think the warmongers like sanctions or think sanctions are harah enough, you are mistaken THEY WANT LOTS OF BLOOD.. and we have to work to EDUCATE the GOP that isn't going to listen to you or PAF.. they IGNORED Ron Paul. Rand had got their attention and changing their way of doing business, by saying DIPLOMACY FIRST. The GOP is LISTENING. You have a problem with that?

You may not remember PAF specifically calling me a neocon.. he teases me all the time.. just called me a leftist in another post. PAF has been my friend for awhile now.. I know when he made this post he was thinking of me, and didn't call me out by name.. but he didn't like my Flyboy vid, and that's what got him.. and he then gave me a TopGun vid, to say I am the charactor Maverick.

Meanwhile.. you can doubt Rand to your heart's content.. but I see the changes in the GOP. I was alone on my committee for a year.. now there are three of us amd two tea partiers who really like Rand. They are listening and changing. I THINK IT'S AWESOME!!!

That's HUGE to change committees so fast.. and the Neocons are worried. Rove has created a PAC to out us.. gave Rubio $30 million.

If you think Amash is going to win.. good luck with that, because I KNOW he's going to back Rand over Rubio.

And if you think anything other than the second comming of Christ is going to make this world give up WMD overnight.. then in all sincerity, I wish you the best of luck. I'll support your efforts, but I am going to vote for Rand Paul because Rand Paul is teaching the GOP as Ron Paul NEVER NEVER did.