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Comment: Yes, that speech, is the one necessary for all to hear.

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Yes, that speech, is the one necessary for all to hear.

Because that speech speaks of that which still allows voluntarism in this nation. It is the 2nd Gun Control Speech you have given me. Did you watch the whole hearing? I have appreciated both of the links you have given me.

IMO they will not be able to conduct involuntary national health care and death panels as long as guns are readily available.

Context: The Con Con.

"The assumption of this power of laying direct taxes does, of itself, entirely change the confederation of the states into one consolidated government." - George Mason

also in context:

"Stop paying (whatever power is fueling Legal Crime) the best liars (and pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and serial killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, frauds, extortionists, and mass murderers) so much for doing such a good job and what happens?

Rand Paul is elected and he wants to wipe Iran off the map?


Don't pay him either." -Joe Kelley

I listened to Dr. Carson last night. As far as I can remember the 2nd amendment was not mentioned. I may have forgotten.

A free people can only afford to make this mistake once: at time 4:55...

We are in grave danger, IMO.