Comment: Public School is a Prison Sentence

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Public School is a Prison Sentence

I am a HS Algebra teacher.

The general public are not interested in knowing how to think. If I tell my 9th grade Algebra students that inflation is like taking a $100 bill, crossing out the zeroes, and calling it a $1 bill... Most of my students would say "so what?" or "it's only paper anyways, I don't care." or "what do you mean..." or "I don't get it." or "that would be funny, haha."

Zero critical thought. Do you think having "Algebra Class" written on your transcript will change your desire to think critically about reality?

The average family and their kids are DETACHED from anything important, and are only focused on unhealthy behaviors; entertaining their brain with simple things.

To people in that category, only interested in mindless entertainment and instant self-gratification, education and thinking skills TASTE LIKE POISON.

As a teacher, I will tell you first hand, the institution of govt public education NEEDS TO END. There are other, better, more efficient methods available (such as homeschooling).

And of course I am looking for a more virtuous career path after seeing this.