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C'mon Grang

I have a stinking suspicion that you just up-voted your own post. I only know because we are on like page 5 by now. It is like farting in a room with your boyfriend and imagining that he may not know it was you.

I adored the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vid though. You are still the kewlest in my mind. You are neo-conned none the less, but with a clever eye and ear for the perfect video response. Please keep it up. They make me really happy.

As for your above blather, you are turning my mind into a big pretzel.

I think I better have a beer.

How can you be so into who you are going to support in the 2016 elections? Why is POTUS position so important to you? As PAF asks, what is wrong with focusing on local stuff that you have control over?

Keep up the work at the GOOP meetings though. We need all the liberty pushers we can get. I think those GOOP meetings may have corrupted your mind a bit on foreign policy though. I can't tell if you are just really trying to see good in Rand or if those neo-cons at your meetings are convincing you that war is good, that the people have something to do with the elite's wars, that our military actually cares about defending us, or that Russia/China/Iran really have a big desire to do American civilians harm. My worst suspicions about joining the GOOP may be confirmed if you really are advocating any confrontation (sanctions) with Iran.

Peace now???

BTW: I up-voted you. ; )