Comment: It's a balance...

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It's a balance...

the tribe should give due respect to the individual and the individual should give due respect to the tribe.

You mentioned a geographic element. To me the "tribe" is "local organic society". The circle of people you can engage face-to-face while still being able to return home daily for sleep. The further you get away from that the further you are from your tribe.

What gets me is many/most of these people who disdain society and the tribe, they rant on and on about how great the "market" is when that market is in fact nearly one-and-the-same with local society and the tribe.

The benefits given to each side of the individual=market relationship have the same dynamics of the individual=local society/tribe relationship. Both sides need each other to function properly.

Humans in isolation are miserable short-lived creatures cut-off from many relational and logistical innovations...

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